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Travel to USA From Italy During Coronavirus Outbreak

Travelers from the United States may be eligible to enter the USA during the current Coronavirus outbreak. These travelers must meet several requirements, including a negative rapid antigen test or molecular PCR test. Additionally, they must provide proof of their vaccination, such as a certificate proving immunity against COVID-19. These certificates must be obtained no less than 14 days before departure. If you have not had a previous COVID infection, you must quarantine for five days after returning home.

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The CDC advises that travelers should check with their country’s health officials before leaving. The country has re-imposed a state of emergency on Dec. 14 and requires all travelers to wear a mask on public transportation and at outdoor performances. In addition, the U.S. Embassy is limiting travel from countries that are self-isolated and have a COVID-19 test negative.

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While the travel ban is temporary, it is recommended that travelers avoid the country during the coronavirus outbreak. The CDC has a Level 3 Travel Health Notice citing the presence of high levels of COVID-19 in Italy. The Department of State also has issued a Travel Advisory. However, this does not mean that you can’t travel from the EU during this time. In fact, it is encouraged to seek the advice of an accredited travel medical clinic in the United States before planning a trip to Italy.

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There are many ways to travel to the USA from Italy during a coronavirus outbreak. Fortunately, Italy has already removed itself from the European Union’s list of safe countries for travelers to avoid the virus, though there are still restrictions in place. The U.S. Embassy will only allow travelers from the EU who have completed a COVID-19 test. The U.S. government’s website has more information about these rules.

When you travel to the United States, you’ll need to take special precautions to avoid becoming infected with the disease. The CDC has classified the country as a “safe country” for travelers who have had a negative PCR or rapid antigen test 72 hours prior to arriving. If you’re an unvaccinated American, you will need to prove you have had a negative coronavirus test within 72 hours of your arrival in Italy.

If you’re traveling from Italy to the United States, you should take a coronavirus test before you leave the country. The omicron variant of the virus is still circulating throughout the world. The CDC has issued travel warnings for eighteen countries, including Italy. Vaccinated Americans can travel to Italy if they have no previous exposure to the virus in the country.

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