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Liver Function Tests for Chronic Liver Disease

Good health is crucial for everyone in their life. A person can live without anything, but it is very tough to lead a life if they are not healthy. Every part of the human body has its importance; the human body cannot normally run if any single part gets damaged.

The liver is one of the significant parts of the body that must be healthy to maintain a healthy life. If you want to know about your liver health, it is better to take a liver function test. The liver is a crucial part of the human body for digestion, metabolism, avoiding substances, and detoxification.

So, every person has to ensure their liver is in good condition and healthy. If you feel anything odd in your health related to the liver, make sure to complete the tests to know your liver’s condition.

What is the Test for Liver Function?

The liver function test is generally a blood test used to monitor and diagnose the function of the liver. This test can let you know if there is any liver damage or disease. These liver tests can calculate the levels of particular proteins and enzymes in your blood.

Some tests for the liver can help to know the liver’s performance and whether it is functioning normally by clearing bilirubin and producing protein. The other tests can calculate enzymes that release liver cells, resulting in disease or damage. If you are thinking about the price, the liver function test cost may vary from one place to another.

What are the Common Tests for Liver Function?

There is a set of tests that are performed to determine liver function. All these blood tests can tell you whether your liver is acting normally. These liver tests can also help you differentiate between chronic liver disorders and acute. And also differentiate between cholestasis and hepatitis. Here are the standard blood tests that are performed for liver functioning. Take a look.

1. Serum Bilirubin Test:

It helps calculate the blood’s bilirubin levels. The liver will produce bilirubin, and it is ejected into the bile. A high bilirubin level means a problem or an obstruction for the bile flow, during the liver’s bile processing.

2. Serum Transaminases (Aminotransferases):

This is an enzyme that can be extracted from liver cells when it is damaged buxic.

3. Serum Albumin Test:

This checks the albumin levels, which is nothing but a protein in the blood and helps diagnose liver disease.

4. PTT (Prothrombin Time test):

This test can help to calculate the time for the blood clot. Protein and vitamin K are the essentials for blood clotting, produced by the liver. If blood clotting may take time, it results in liver disease, or it can also be other deficiencies in particular clotting factors.

5. AST (Aspartate Transaminase Test):

AST is to check the aspartate transaminase levels that are ejected into the bloodstream if there are any liver problems. This is an enzyme in the liver, heart, red blood cells, kidneys, skeletal muscle, and pancreas.

6. ALT (Alanine Transaminase Test):

This test checks the alanine aminotransferase levels that can be ejected into the bloodstream if there is any liver cell damage. This is also an enzyme that is present in the liver. This test can be held to check the liver functioning and treat liver cell damage, like hepatitis.

7. Mitochondrial Antibodies Test:

If these antibodies are present, it may result in chronic active hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, and other autoimmune disorders livechatvalue.


These are some standard liver tests performed to know liver functioning. Take the liver test and get to know about your liver health.