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A Peek Into the World of Quilting

There are various hobbies that you can enjoy these days. One such hobby is quilting. The textures and patterns of a quilt are pretty calming, yet the time and effort taken to get to the result can get hectic. Do you want to enhance your quilting experience and create something aesthetic, appealing and easy?

Read on to know a few tips, secrets and more.

3 Quick Quilting Tips for Everyone

If you are an experienced quilter, you will know all about the National Quilt Register. According to their highly esteemed Australian quilting community, here are the tips that you need to abide by.

Do Not Pin Your Fabric

The use of water-soluble glue can make the process precise and quick. Instead of pinning every fabric and folding it in place, you can utilise good quality fabric glue. On the contrary, you can use a pressing sheet to iron the fabric together.

This way, the unreliability of pins can be removed from the process. Once you are done quilting, you could wash the fabric, and both the ironed sheet and the glue would come off.

Mark Your Squares and Sew

As a beginner, you are guilty of cutting the bias triangle on the quilting fabric individually. Doing so takes a long time and could eventually make you feel tired.

You can use fat quarters or cut your fabric into a square, cut a triangle, and then sew. This process is more accessible, and it can also prove accurate and efficient. Indeed, you could get more than five half-square triangles from a single squared fabric.

Utilise Bias Strips for Binding

Most of the fabrics sold in Australia may have curves indented in them. If you are not happy with the mitred one, you can use the bias strips for the binding process.

For this to be successful, you must cut out some bias strips and bind the edges with the help of your needle. Once you have grabbed the fabric and sewed it in place, the edged would look cleaner and more defined.

Importance of Having a Quilting Kit

A quilting kit will contain all the basics required for you to create a quilt. It will have a good collection of intriguing fabrics with different patterns, perfect for beginners. You can attractively sew all the fabric to make aesthetic patterns with it.

Some of the kits may have binding or bias tape that will assist you through the process of quilting. Therefore, speeding up and shortening the elaborate progression.

Each fabric found in these kits would have a proper shape or size cut to perfection for your sewing needs.

If you have ever felt frustrated while cutting long pieces of fabric, then a quilting kit would be your best friend. In some cases, these kits are assembled by professionals and contain a mix and match of variable fabrics or designs to intrigue your pattern idea.

Bottom Line

Quilting can reduce stress and make you happy if you follow the above-mentioned tips. Besides, making it can be therapeutic because of the colours involved. You can buy a quilting kit as it contains all the things required to sew a quilt.

Both experienced and beginner quilters must remember the tips shared earlier. You should never pin the fabric and use bias strips while binding it.

Now, you can create an aesthetic cover for your bed or a sofa without any hassle.

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