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6 Health Benefits of Coq10

Coenzyme Q10 or Coq10 helps in energy generation in the cells. Human bodies are capable of producing this compound naturally. But its production may decrease with age, nutritional deficiency, genetic defects, mitochondrial diseases or side effects of statin treatments. Lower levels of Coq 10 result in oxidative damage and many other health conditions.

However, you can order coq10 supplements and include them in your diet to have the right levels of nutrients within the body and ensure proper functioning.

If you are not aware of the multifaceted benefits of the compound and sceptical of its use, you can go through the following section and make an informed decision.

1. Improves heart conditions

Heart failure results from high blood pressure or coronary artery diseases. These conditions lead to inflammation of arteries and veins and increase oxidative damage.

Some treatments for heart failure also result in side effects like low blood pressure or reduced levels of CoQ10. But, the use of CoQ10 supplements has been positively associated with improvements in symptoms causing heart failure.

CoQ10 restores energy production to optimum levels, improves heart function and reduces oxidative damage, thereby aiding heart failure treatment.

2. Help with fertility

There is a decline in female fertility with age, and CoQ10 is directly related to it. With ageing CoQ10 production reduces, making the eggs vulnerable to oxidative damage. You can order coq10 supplements and start taking them at the right time to prevent such age-related decline in egg quantity and quality.

Male sperm is equally susceptible to oxidative damage resulting in infertility, poor sperm quality and reduced sperm count. Using CoQ10 supplements may improve sperm concentration and quality by improving antioxidant protection.

3. Maintain skin health

Skin is exposed to various external or internal damaging agents like UV rays, environmental agents, hormonal imbalances and cellular damage that cause ageing.

Harmful elements also reduce skin moisture and cause thinning of skin layers. However, using CoQ10 reduces skin damage by external and internal agents by boosting energy production within skin cells and improving antioxidant protection.

Furthermore, applying CoQ10 directly on the skin reduces oxidative damage and decreases the depth of wrinkles.

4. Reduce headaches

Calcium uptake in cells increases due to abnormal mitochondrial function, which reduces antioxidant and free radical production. This can result in reduced energy in brain cells and even cause migraines.

Since CoQ10 is found in mitochondria, taking CoQ10 supplements results in mitochondria function and decreases inflammation, causing migraines. What’s more, it is not only effective in treating migraines but also in preventing them.

5. Improve exercise performance

Oxidative stress affects exercise performance. CoQ10 decreases this oxidative stress and improves mitochondrial functions. It also has a substantial effect on physical activity. Individuals having 1200 mg of CoQ10 supplements for 60 days have exhibited reduced oxidative stress. Further, it increases power during exercise, reduces fatigue and improves exercise performance.

6. Help with diabetes

Metabolic diseases like diabetes also result from cellular damage, and insulin resistance is often linked to abnormal mitochondrial function. However, CoQ10 effectively regulates blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity. CoQ10 supplements stimulate the breakdown of fats and reduce the accumulation of fat cells that can cause Type 2 diabetes or obesity.

You should keep in mind that CoQ10 supplements are available in different forms. The most commonly available forms are ubiquinone and ubiquinol. Since ubiquinol has better absorbability than ubiquinone, it is the most recommended form of CoQ10. The standard dosage is 90 to 200mg per day. But it may vary as per the doctor’s recommendations based on your specific health needs.